My Bouquet

Well, I made my own bouquet today, as we’re getting married this afternoon…
Victor thought it would be easy, and I thought it would be very difficult.  It turns out it was neither, it wasn’t that hard to make, but it wasn’t a piece of cake either…  The smaller lilies, I don’t recommend them for DIY bouquets, their stems just aren’t tough enough to stick into the foam…

The large stargazer lily was a cinch, and that’s just how I wanted it to look!  It opened up last night for me as a special treat.   The small orange roses were very easy to insert, so I highly recommend those for bouquet making.  The bottom is ecalyptus leaves and the top and throughout has a smattering of orange and yellow wax flowers.  (I have no idea what the heck those are, but they’re cute.)


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